MacBook Screen Replacement

If you’ve ever wondered how a screen replacement on a MacBook looks like, here’s a few pictures.


MacBook New Screen, Lid, Base

Top Left: Brand new screen ready to be installed; bottom left: Lid with screen cable, antennas, webcam and hinges; right: MacBook base unit (no optical drive, who needs one these days?)

I already had the cracked screen removed. I’m starting with this heap of parts.


MacBook With New Screen Installed into Lid

Screen installed into lid, with all the antennas, webcam, and cables in place. Ready to be connected to base unit.


MacBook Screen and Lid installed on Base

Lid with screen attached to base, with all the cables connected. There's 5 of them

This is where it ends for the moment; I don’t have a top case to install. The top case houses not only the keyboard and the touchpad, but the power button as well, so I can’t test it out until the top case arrives. The best supplier is on American ebay, but shipping from China. All suppliers in Japan work with a 100%+ margin. 🙁

I love MacBooks, they’re so straightforward to work on. None of the 200 million unnecessary parts that HPs have. Which reminds me, I’m off to do a screen replacement on a HP. Ugh..

BTW, this broken screen for the MacBook was sorted in an hour, for 13000 yen, including price of brand new screen.


Update 2012 February 16th

Unexpectedly, a black top case came my way. I’ve installed it and ended up with the panda MacBook below. The screen works perfectly. It’s also a bit brighter than what I’m used to, which is handy. Easy on the eyes.

Testing the new screen - White MacBook with Black Top Case

Testing the new screen - White MacBook with a black top case. A panda, anyone?


It doesn’t look half bad. Too bad the [W] key doesn’t work, so it’s not staying like this. Waiting for the new white top case to arrive before it’s ready to go.

Update 2012.02.22: Post office delivery guy left a note that I have a package from Singapore. It may be the elusive MacBook top case. I was expecting it from China, but hey, I’m not that picky who sent it, as long as it works. Either that, or my friend Shiyun has sent me laksa (spicy Singapore noodles). Ah those are good.

2 Responses to MacBook Screen Replacement

  • Jimmy says:

    Sandor, nice article. Much like you I’m an expat in Japan doing what I know: computers. Also like you I have my own little goldmine thing going on. MacBooks aren’t so bad to work on. Apple in general is nice… although I must admit that the MacBook Air does look pretty intimidating, not from a “I could take that apart easily” standpoint, but from a “this SSD harddrive upgrade is going to take $600 at cost price even before labor… who the hell is going to pay that?” standpoint. And they can’t just use any old SSD, they have to use a special part that looks like a stick of memory. Anyway…

    I have owned and worked on plenty of HP laptops in the past. Personally I don’t like them, I would never buy one for myself, but it’s not for me to judge a customer. They are fairly cheap compared to Fujitsu, Toshiba, etc. There are plenty of HP owners out there and luckily enough for me, they often encounter problems. Hehehe. But your article doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. As a HP owner I’d be hesitant to use your services after that “ugh” comment. Sure HPs, like Vaios, can be difficult to work on but that’s both good and bad for guys like us. I don’t care if Steve Jobs came back to life and walked into my room right now, he’d still be a computer novice until he can claim to have managed to revive a completely dead 2011-2012 Sony Vaio. Most people give up at the “gotta remove a dozen tri-wing and 300 t6.7 size torx screws just to disconnect the power cable” stage. Of course I’m exaggerating, but it’s no laughing matter when I literally have hundreds of parts spread over 2 rooms. For. One. Damn. 2011. Vaio. Desktop.

    Part of me says “don’t bother with HP, go out and buy that MacBook… it’ll hardly ever let you down” and another part says “get that HP and I’ll enjoy steak & scotch tonight”. Gotta love and hate HP.

    • Sandor says:

      Hi Jimmy,

      Thanks for the comment. As a computer professional I hate HP and Sony with a passion. Looking inside one of those is like a Japanese car park scene. There’s the equivalent of people waving sticks and get in the way, and are completely unnecessary. The place would be better without them.

      Along the same lines, my theory is that HP and Sony have departments of people who justify their existence by designing parts that shouldn’t exist in the first place. Adding complexity means adding cost and weight and reducing reliability. Not good. (And yes, my advice is not to buy one.)

      When you look inside an Apple there’s a minimum number of parts and you get the feeling that it was designed by a leader who knew what he was doing.

      With a Sony or a HP you get the feeling that self-important engineers were having a field day with no adult supervision (that’s edited – Google didn’t like me for the previous wording).

      I have done many HP’s – I have no problem doing them, I’ve just done a spillaged HP 6656 last week, and quite a few HP Mini 210 netbooks. A HP Pavillion “entertainment notebook” this week. Emotions don’t come into play while doing the work – it has to be good and that’s it – but they catch up with you later. 😉

      BTW I’ve just bought a MacBook Air 11.6 with screen issues. That’s going to be an adventure.

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