Packing Instructions

The post office and takkyubin companies are generally very careful. I’ve seen a lot less transit damage than in England. So far every single time it happened was because the packaging was inadequate. This is easy to avoid.

Rule #1 Use a Strong Sturdy BOX

Is the box strong enough?

It must be a in box, and it must be strong.


It goes in the back of a truck, with other packages landing on top of it. The purpose of the box is to support the weight of other packages on top. No matter how much padding you put around the laptop, if the box can’t take the punishment the laptop will – resulting in screen damage, most often. Not fun! Plus you may not be able to claim if the package is not damaged on the outside – which is not likely, so you’re in for an expensive repair you’ll have to cover yourself. This is easily avoided – please please use a strong sturdy box.

Tip: Most supermarkets have boxes ready at the check-out area for free. Look for strong thick-walled boxes – those for apples or mikan for example, that are made for “heavy” and fragile items. For bigger boxes that the supermarkets won’t have I recommend Kahma or other home centers. Usual cost is 200 yen.

Profile of a strong, double-walled box

Profile of a strong, double-walled box



Rule #2 Use a Strong Sturdy BOX That’s Big Enough

Same thing – the purpose of the box is to support the weight of the packages around it. So make sure the the box is bigger than the laptop, in all dimensions.

Obvious? Well, that’s what I thought too…

If you have to squueze it in there, if it’s poking out on the sides, then it’s Not Good!

Here’s an example:

Laptop poking out on the sides... (padding removed for illustration purposes)


...and the resulting screen damage

What happened is the package was stood on its side, and others were placed on it. Since the laptop was poking out it wasn’t protected by the box. Pressure from the sides of the screen resulted in the white lines. This is permanent damage and the screen has to be replaced.

Save yourself the hassle. Leave at least 4-5 cm on each side for padding.

* Do NOT put a 13″ MacBook in a size 80 post office box! It barely fits and it’s asking for trouble.


Rule #3 Use a Strong Sturdy BOX That’s Big Enough With Ample Padding

The purpose of the padding is to prevent the PC from rattling around in the box. Bubble wrap, pieces of cardboard, plastic bags or scrunched up newspaper are all fine. Carry cases can also serve as padding. Don’t get too hung up about this – the point is to fill up the box with something so the PC doesn’t move around.
Ample padding does not negate the need for a box! Sending in carry case only or bubble wrap only is asking for trouble!

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