If the repair is uneconomical, or you change your mind and don’t want it done, I will not charge you just for looking at it.


Once a PC is with me, I’ll create a “rescue plan”, which we discuss before I proceed with the repair. This is a free service and removes risk on your part.

Labor charge of RAM Upgrade/Replacement

Free with any other purchase on both desktops an laptops. It can be a pain sometimes, especially with laptops (hidden under the keyboard, behind the battery and stuff..). Those can take time and are all included. This is excellent value, if I may say so myself.


In mail or phone, always free. Pick my brain. 😉



“Speed-up”  package.

Includes reinstallation of Windows if necessary. Re-installation includes all drivers, excludes data transfer. Back up your data beforehand or see “Data Transfer” entry below.

5000 yen


Data transfer

From old Windows installation to new one; after re-installation or hard drive replacement. This includes transferring all your documents, music, pictures, emails, email address book, browser favorites, and everything else in your “USER” folder. Will include other locations at no extra charge, but only if specifically requested.

5000 yen


Internal cleaning for desktops.

This is not just for aesthetics; dust buildup can clog the fans and cause overheating. It degrades performance and can even cause sudden death. Especially important in the hot Japanese summer. I’ve had several PCs this summer that came in with dead CPUs or power supplies. All caused by overheating and all avoidable.

Extremely important if you operate in a dusty environment or have pets with hair. No matter how clean you keep the house, some of the hair will inevitably end up in the PC.

1000 yen


Internal cleaning for laptops

Same as above, but much more time-consuming. Includes taking apart and cleaning all fans and ventillation routes professionally. I don’t just blow through the holes with a can of air. 😉 (Which you can, and should do at home. Switch it off first.)

2500 yen


Secure Data Removal

Had sensitive information on your computer? I can make your data unrecoverable, even by the best professionals. Data should already be “normal” erased before sending – that way even I won’t see. (Also see FAQ on how to do this at home.)

5000 yen


Labor costs for part replacements; for repairs and upgrades


All parts except motherboard

1500 yen each. Includes CPU, RAM memory*, hard drive**, optical drive, psu, other bits and pieces.


3000 yen (CPU and RAM, which are attached to the motherboard, are transferred FREE).

*Ram memory replaced free of labor charge with any other purchase.
**Hard drive replacement does NOT include Windows (re-)installation or data transfer.

All-In-Ones (iMac, eMac, other screen-and-PC in one desktops)
Small Form Factor PCs (Mac Mini and other computers built with laptop components)

Minor parts

Includes CPU, RAM memory*, hard drive**, optical drive, wireless module. Depending on the design, any of these can end up being a royal pain, and may cost me over an hour of my time. Excellent value.

2500 yen each.

*Ram memory replaced free of labor charge with any other purchase.
**Hard drive replacement does NOT include Windows (re-)installation or data transfer.

Major surgery

Motherboard, screen, hinges, clips, inverter board, fans and any other hard-to-get to bits and pieces.

5000 yen each.

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Sandor is the best! If you are someone, like me, who needs to have computer stuff explained ‘like you are a 6 year-old’, then you have come to the right guy! I was having trouble with my wireless modem hookup and also needed to upgrade my RAM memory….Sandor very carefully explained what I needed to do, he even found me some videos on YouTube to help me along. If he thought my questions were silly, (and believe me, I’m sure they were!!), he was very polite and made me feel not so naive in the ways of the computer. Thank you so much Sandor…..I will share your name and this site with anyone who needs the help!! Debbie Kuroiwa, Nagasaki City, Japan

Hey Sandor thanks for the Mac advice and for getting me the hard to find parts for my iMac G4 so quickly. You really saved the day. Thanks again. /RF/ Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Hey Sandor: Just a quick note to say thanks for diagnosing fixing my computer so effectively (and so cheaply). I am writing you from my computer now, and it is still running strong! Much gratitude.

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